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    1. 023-41555035



      JMS is integrated with design,research,production,sales service and specialized in producing small and big gears,green body and refining for automobile and motorcycle. It strives to develop and make high end steel or aluminum chain for big volume bikes to meet markets demand with innovation and diversity thus the products were sold to American, Japan, southeast Asia, Mexico and African countries.



      The company merged its culture with products as being sponsorship of national dirt race ,and was invited to MTOGP Malaysia in interaction with world leading suppliers as concurrently enhanced company reputation by signing a long run agreement with DID.In 2016 the company hosted two racing activities,assisted national races four time afterward it was pointed as vice president of Chongqing automobile and motorcycle association and gained highly acknowledgement.


      Under company concept“concentration, profession,dedication,devotion” and mission of “pursuit in excellency,quality in priority”,Juelang keeps  providing excellent services to all customers with innovation, quality and scale production.

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